Spread-Love-Meditation and Its Astonishing Effects

“I’d like to let you know about an initiative to spread love called GOLOVE-20. Now we feel it’s time to take out into the world and it’s a really simple process.

Think of someone you love and care about and write them a text, send an email or do an audio/video recording telling them what you love about them. The next step is to do a 15 min. meditation (see the second video below).

We are asking you to take them into your heart and feel the love you feel for them and our research shows that the love they feel begins to influence people non-locally and their heart begins to beat in a more rhythmic and coherent fashion. We’ve seen people at a distance begin to experience that same type of heart pattern, they begin to feel love. So it transcends time and space. All you have to do is open your heart and have the intention to hold the image of that person with the understanding that you want them to to feel the love you feel. Our research shows that when you truly open your heart just for 15-20 min. a day for 3-4 days that you’ll strengthen your immune system by 50%. That love tends to bond and connect and we want to create a community of people that are connected by the frequency by the energy of love.

When you love others, you love yourself. In fact, you can’t love another person without you BEING IN LOVE.”

Joe Dispenza


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