ART OF THE HEART: Connectedness Redefined

Tree of Hearts is a non-for-profit foundation focused on spreading the message of Love and building local community connections rooted in kindness, compassion, and caring for each other. The main goal of our organization is to inspire creativity that sparks a conversation, ignites a meaningful interaction between people, based on openness, integrity, and trust . We all are relationally dependent species and our innate human nature calls for closeness and connection.


“Healing Hearts” and “Share A Heart” are two projects by Tree of Hearts that connect people through HEART-THEMED-ART created to benefit fellow humans, so more feel seen, valued and appreciated for who they are. Another goal is to support our elderly and empower our children by connecting them through creativity and sharing.


Art is a universal language with a much greater purpose than just being beautiful. When art is created with the intention to be for the good of others, to build bridges, or to touch someone’s heart, it becomes an evolutionary tool with huge transformational power. A piece of art gifted from a place of love and compassion, can connect, empower and restore human connections beyond all perceived boundaries and limitations.

Life is a journey of learning to LOVE yourself first and then extending that LOVE to others in every encounter.” , ~ Oprah Winfrey


When we are in a creative process, it’s much easier to connect to the our true essence, love, heal, and understand better ourselves and others. Creativity inspires us, center and aligns us to inner peace, it clears our minds from negative thoughts, emotions, and opens our hearts to the flow of life, invisible to the eyes. As Pablo Picasso once said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

In this pivotal moment of human history, a movement based on the principle of the Heart can bring us together, giving us a greater sense of purpose in life. We are all connected by invisible threads and what we choose to do every day can greatly impact the troubled world we see around us. These times are a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to start building a better world for ourselves and our kids, heal, to connect , create, help each other, collaborate, inspire, unite, and restore our faith in each other and humanity.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children are encouraged not just to create, but CREATE FOR A CAUSE and give their adorable art to benefit those who are going through challenging times?A good example is seniors living alone or in care & retirement homes. That is not only going to empower our kids but also give joy to elderly and make them feel they matter. Separation has been growing exponentially all over the globe and BRIDGING generations through art can close the gap between these two most vulnerable groups of our society. It will also help to address the growing number of depression and anxiety among them . Children are natural BRIDGE-BUILDERS and once they see the positive impact of their initiative, that will not only boost their confidence, but will also teach them they can make a difference in the world by simply choosing to be creative, compassionate and kind.


As we all know from personal experience , the quality of life is equal to the quality of our relationships, that is why building harmonious relationships is building happiness for ourselves and others naturally. Heart-themed Art for a cause is a powerful tool to restore connection on an individual and collective level and shift the old paradigm of separation and alienation. A new heart-centered approach to the world and each other is the key for raising our consciousness and the ultimate path to a thriving society based on the principles of unity, cooperation, harmony, peace, and growth.


The difference between “illness and wellness is the same as between “i” and “we”. Love and connection not only support all life, they are the building blocks of ALL THERE IS and without them life would never be possible. While fear, division, competition,and negative states of mind inevitably manifest as illnesses – mental, emotional, and physical.


“We’ve been infected with this idea that Love is an emotion only felt between two people. But Love is universal. An energy. An contagious force. A gift. To offer money to a homeless man is to love. To save a worm from the sun is to love. To smile at a stranger is to love. ” A.R. Lucas

Giving can be deeply gratifying experience in so many ways; a gift created with the intent to help and support a human being is much more than saying “I care about you”. It has the power to light up their soul and make a tremendous difference that might be unlikely otherwise!

LIFE IS AN ECHO: WHAT YOU SEND OUT COMES BACK TO YOU! Giving is one of those miraculous acts that has great transformational power and carries the signature of love and compassion. Creative force paired with a good intention connects people and builds meaningful relationships and communities with ease and grace. And it is the strong community spirit that is a foundation of the thriving society we have always dreamed of.

If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap. If you want to be happy for a day, go fishing. If you want to be happy for a year, inherit a fortune. But if you want to be happy for a lifetime, go and help someone!” ~Ancient Proverb

When we embody love, compassion, and reverence for all life – plant, animal and human, we not only illuminate our own being, we also elevate the consciousness of mankind and shift the old paradigm of separation . We are all interconnected and we can personally flourish when we also extend our kindness to the people around us who need support or encouragement. The time has come to love, honor, and recognize the sacredness of Life in ourselves AND every being we meet on our journey!


What is my purpose in life?”, I asked the Universe.
“What if I told you, you’re fulfilled it when you took an extra hour to talk to that kid about his life,” said the Universe.
“Or when you paid for that young couple in the restaurant. Or when you saved that dog in the traffic. Or when you tied your father’s shoes when he couldn’t reach.
Your problem is that you equate your Purpose with goal-based achievements. But the Universe is not interested in your achievements … just your Heart. When you choose to act out of kindness, compassion, and Love, you’re already aligned with your True Purpose.”

If you have heard the call, please grab a rock and paint a HEART … or many and give them lovingly to someone!

We have been asked to open our hearts and meet people first instead of waiting for them to meet us as we have always done it.

Join us and start sharing Love with the world and see it coming back to you multiplied!

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