The 95%-5% Principle

Do you know 95% of our mind is sub-conscious mind and only 5% is conscious?
Unfortunately our sub-conscious mind is loaded with memories, memories and memories of the past !

Most of these memories which we harbour are low vibrational memories and are the reason why people keep on repeating same behavioral patterns again and again.

When someone pins us we repeatedly react in the same way.

This arises from a past learning embedded in our subconscious mind. It just requires different people to know what can pin us down and it fuses out.

Our bodies are nothing but programmed machines of our sub-conscious mind.
Body is ruled by sub-conscious mind and that is the reason why people try to make necessary changes or read books or attend workshops for the same to bring positivity.

They think they have achieved positivity but that’s not true.

An understanding may happen at the mental level. But the subconscious mind is still beset with past memories which influence bodily behaviour.

The body works like a machine on auto-pilot mode. This is run by a program, set by our sub-conscious mind based on past memories.

5% of conscious mind keeps on fighting with 95% of subconscious mind.

In other words, the body is simply reacting the same way as it has been programmed.

Unless we make a big conscious effort by doing regular Sadhana, we will remain the same auto-pilot machines.
Based on this understanding the 95:5 Principle is a rule we can apply to all areas of our life. It is the key to living a spontaneous, fearless, joyful life.

This principle guides us to give 95% weightage, 95% focus, 95% energy and 95% time to the important aspects of our life; and to give only 5% attention to certain necessary activities which are required to be in our awareness.

Our brain is divided into 2 parts: Left and Right brain.

The Right brain stands for qualities like intuition, creativity and feelings. 95% of the time, listen to your heart, 95% focus on your gut feeling; 95% of your energy devote to
your creative thoughts, The Left brain operates on logic, discipline and organization. 5% of the time listen to the Left brain. What does this mean?

When decisions are made, primarily (95%) listen to the voice from your heart. Take it from the Right brain, take it from your heart, take it from your gut feeling,
and THEN analyze it using your Left brain,. Use only 5% energy on logical reasoning.

This is very powerful!
Most people use their Left brain to keep analyzing their decision making
and in this process they lose their joy of life.

Yes, one needs to introspect but 5% is sufficient. Yes, one needs to wear the black hat and needs to see the problem area but this requires only 5% weight age.

Yes, one needs to focus on negative and identify the blockage areas, but only 5% of the time. 95% focus on what you want.
Yes, there is a truth in the facts of life.

Give 5% energy to these facts and rise to another dimension in creating what you want in your life-The Dreamer or The Factual ?

I suggest 95% Dreamer and 5% Factual. Dreams will take you ahead and then organize the dream with the use of the Left brain.

To give your dream energy use the Right brain.

To give the dream a direction, use Left brain. If you use your Left brain too much it gives rise to doubts, fears, insecurities, distrust, low vibrational thoughts.

But if you use your right brain you are spontaneous, joyful, and happy.

Sometimes it may lead to unwanted events, incidents and situations in your life, but believe me its worth a lifetime! For that once in a lifetime
don’t lose the spontaneity, joy of living.

Yes, we all do feel depressed,lonely, sad, fearful, insecure, disturbed, irritated, frustrated, angry &
even revengeful. Sometimes it is perfectly fine to feel in such a way.

Feel it, acknowledge it and then start to go beyond that and reverse it.

5% energy may be given to acknowledging it and 95% is to recreate what we want in our life.

For example: If you are angry with someone it is perfectly okay to be angry, but only for a few minutes and then acknowledge the anger and then try to reverse your anger with that particular person and re-frame your mind about that person.

Life is all about perception. What we perceive, what we see is what we will actually manifest.

So start SEEING what YOU WANT rather than what YOU DON’T WANT

Give 95% of energy on what you want and 5% of as what you don’t want.

Give 95% of energy on your inward journey and 5% importance to outward result.

Spend 95% on spirituality and 5% on materialism.

Focus 95% on calmness, peacefulness, joyfulness, blissfulness and godliness.

Regular Meditation and Sadhana will keep us in a state of appreciation and inner happiness.

It is sufficient to have all your pleasure, luxury, richness and joy of the outside world.

So start SEEING what YOU WANT rather than what YOU DON’T WANT.

To sum up the 95:5 Principle

95% of our mind is sub-conscious
5% is our mind is conscious

95% listen to your Right brain
5% listen to your Left brain

95% follow your heart (inner voice)
5% follow your mind (logic)

95% give energy to “what you want”
5% give energy to “what you don’t want”

95% be with “what you want to create”
5% be with “the facts”

95% give priority to your inward journey
5% give importance to the outward result

95% be in Spiritualism
5% be Materialistic

95% enjoy the process
5% focus on the goal

In a nutshell,

95% focus your energy INWARDS
5% focus your energy OUTWARDS



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