Spread L💜VE: paint a HeART and give it away!



The JOY of living is GIVING! Let’s get creative and share a heART lovingly with someone! All you need is to grab a rock and paint a beautiful heart on it. Use your imagination and favorite colors! Don’t forget to write an inspirational word or phrase on the back of the rock to convey your message. Dedicate your creation to a child, spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, neighbor or even someone you have never met before and who would benefit from your kindness : a senior in a care home, a homeless man you meet on your way to work or anyone who might need a little encouragement today! And then see what happens 🙂

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If you get inspired by the way your heARTs impact the people who receive them, perhaps you can go one step further. Simply find a tree in your front yard or local community park and leave your creations there to positively impact the lives of strangers in the same beautiful way as you did with those you know!

Create YOUR Tree of HeARTs and share the Love!

In a world where separation is becoming a norm, let’s be the game changers and connect with each other in a way that honors every human being and our common roots. We are all ONE: one kind, one family, one race!

We are currently looking for VOLUNTEERS to join us ! Please follow us and send us a message on Instagram or write an email to treeofhearts@protonmail.com and be the change you want to see in the world! Thanks to our local community support the students at Maple Lane Middle School were able to painted 156 hearts on rocks that were distributed it to 2 seniors homes in Port Coquitlam. More media exposure: TriCity News and Vancouver Guardian

HEARTFELT THANKS for your support and donations to “Healing HeARTs” Global Unity Project and Tree of Hearts cause!.

💜 May every beautiful creation, every HeART, awaken and nourish one human soul at a time and radiate the energy of joy, harmony, and peace!

💜 May “Healing Hearts” touch many human lives with loving kindness!

💜 May we connect and help each other to restore personal power and realize the possibilities of life are endless!

💜 May we ignite the love evolution by starting to live from the Heart

💜 May we be wise and re-member we are all one, many cells in one organism called Earth

💜 May we live in harmony with nature and each other and create a world of love and unity as a reflection of the beauty and grace within!

Rocks can be used in so many ways: to create homes, gardens, bridges, sculptures, and all kinds of beautiful art, but rocks can also be used to build walls that separate, isolate or as a weapons of ill intent. What makes the difference is not the rock, it is the INTENTION of the one who uses it!

Each of us is a creator of a part of this shared reality and every day we have a choice to make: to be an ambassador of Love or Fear, Unity or Separation, Harmony or Chaos, Peace or War.

Let’s choose wisely, let’s choose from the Heart!💜