“A Note To My Son”

“Every extraordinary man – and you are such – who made or will make history , became great because he chose to learn, to overcome and make the most out of the struggles and challenges he experienced instead of turning his back and closing his heart. If he stayed the same, bathed in the stale waters of his comfort and hid from what was difficult to face, he would never reach his highest potential ,experience growth or change himself and the world around him for better. Such man embraced every opportunity but most of all every hard lesson, every difficulty openly with gratitude for what they presented and what they asked him to shed. He thanked the youniverse for challenging him, for teaching him how to grow, how to face his fears and limitations, for showing him how to become bigger than himself, and see beyond the limited vision of the ego. Because if it was up to the ego, he would only stay within the known, the habitual, the status quo by guarding and protecting his comfort, holding on to inertia and sticking to the old self. But he chose to go beyond the ego every.single.time!

And at that moment when you do the same and you CHOOSE to move forward, let go of all resentment , self pity, insecurity, unworthiness, victim-hood, pain, negativity, sense of separation from the “enemy”/person/circumstance/world, when you choose to befriend them and become ONE with ALL there is, accept your experience fully as an inevitable part of life and the process of growth & evolution, only then you regain your power! It is your own power that will lift you up, it will show you what true expansion is all about and you will feel appreciation and love for yourself, for the world, everyone and everything in it.

“There is a crack in everything and that is how the Light gets in”

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Expansion by Page Bradley

Like the branches of a tree we might grow in different direction and look separate from one another, and sometimes when strong winds start to blow, the branches may even go against  each other, but the roots of the tree are one and the same and that is how it is always going to be!

The youniverse is made by the one Creator with one and only ingredient: LOVE! That is why Love is all and all is Love!

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