“A Note To My Son”

“Every extraordinary man – and you as such , had become great because he had chosen to learn and evolve, embrace and make the most out of every difficult circumstance instead of closing his heart and turning his back to life challenges. Should he stayed the same, bathed in the stale waters of comfort and refused to face his fears, he would never experience growth and reach his highest potential.

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise!”~ Oscar Wilde

Those extraordinary men embraced every mistake, every hard lesson, every difficulty with gratitude. They took them as opportunities to face their limitations, surrender the past and see beyond the tunnel vision of their ego, so they become bigger than themselves.

“There is a crack in everything and that is how the Light gets in”

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Expansion by Page Bradley

At the moment when you decide to move forward, let go of self-imposed resentment , insecurity, unworthiness, victim-hood, negativity, and separation, when you choose to befriend the “enemy” within and without and realize you are one with all there is, you simply resume your power. It is the power you’ve always had that you completely forgot about while playing this epic, convoluted Game of Life.

And while playing, take good care of your Soul my son, because it is your only treasure,

nothing else belongs to you!”

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