The Story of a Seed

Once upon a time there was a seed buried in the cold sticky mud deep in the ground. It did not know who it was or why it was here in this dark, foreign place. For a very long time the little seed was feeling lost, sad, and lonely, wondering if its life was a total misfortune or some kind of a punishment. Until one day the seed had a dream and a faint memory of a distant place called “home”. “Home” was a beautiful garden, full of fragrant flowers, singing birds, lush green grass, where the warm sun was shining and the sky was blue and tender like a mother’s touch. Many days and nights passed by and nothing was happening and all the seed knew was darkness and silence. Until one day it was done waiting and it finally decided to listen to its heart and start a journey to the beautiful garden from its dream.! The only way to do that though was to come out of its shell where it felt safe and protected. That was such a scary possibility but there was no other option: the seed had to take the risk even it meant to feel the pain!

At this point no fear and no pain could stop it anymore. As soon as the seed made that decision, a miracle happened: a delicate sprout grew out of its heart and quickly started moving up, finding its way through the cold sticky mud. And the journey of a lifetime had began! Its path was far from easy, the sprout had to overcome so many obstacles in this dark, harsh environment outside its cozy shell. After a long journey of struggle against the elements of nature, one day out of nowhere the sprout felt something it had never felt before: warmth!

The warmth was immediately followed by the first touch of a sun ray and then many more. Their dance of color and light was truly mesmerizing and made it’s heart sing . A second later the sprout recognized the garden from its dream!

“I remember this place, it is my beautiful home”, it said and a little dewdrop fell down its first heart-shaped leaf. “This is home, but why am I alone here?”, the sprout started wondering. And then an idea came up! “Why don’t I turn myself into many instead of being here by myself? This way we can live TOGETHER in love, peace, harmony, and free to be who we are!” The sprout felt the sparkles of joy about this new exciting possibility and immediately started splitting into many sprouts all covered with heart-shaped leaves.

Over time the once tiny sprout turned into a huge, glorious Tree of Hearts with many branches and leaves, all living as One. The Tree was wise and did not forget how it all started. That was why the taller it became, the deeper and stronger the tree grew its roots. “As above, so below” the tree whispered with deep gratitude, remembering the beginning of its journey as a tiny sprout born out of the heart of a seed. And every time the wind was blowing through its leaves, they were telling a story about a wonderful place deep in everyone’s hearts where Love is All and All is One.

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