Crystal Grids: A Tool for Self-Empowerment, Healing, and Creation

There definitely seems to be a bit of a buzz around crystal grids at the moment. In response to many questions I have had lately, I think I need to explain here what a crystal grid is if you are completely new to this.

What Is A Crystal Grid? (In A Nutshell)

A crystal grid is a way to work with crystals that usually involves arranging them into geometric shapes or patterns. Crystal Grids often incorporate sacred geometry in their design, such as the Flower of Life.
They sometimes use a base such as a printed cloth or paper, engraved wooden board or a copper plate. This may be called a crystal grid template. You don’t have to use a grid template but it depends on the grid sometimes.

Different Types Of Crystal Grids

There are many ways to make a crystal grid and many different types of crystal grids. Some people create purely intuitive crystal grids. A crystal grid can be small enough to put on a small flat surface, they can be placed on or around your body (aka Crystal Layouts) or big enough to surround a room, house or any location.
They can use as little as three crystals to as many as you can imagine. A crystal grid can be made for a short period of time or be set in place for years, depending on what its purpose is.

Creating Crystal Grids

You can create your own crystal grids by combining the properties of different crystals with geometric shapes that support your intention. It is much easier to follow a crystal grid that has already been designed by someone else. This is just like following a recipe.
Please feel free to try some of the intention-based crystal grids that appear on my website. Just visit the Free Resources section. If you are curious about how a crystal grid works then please read my other article How & Why Crystal Grids Work?
I hope you now know exactly what a crystal grid is but if you have any questions about this article, leave them below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).

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