​7 Fundamental Life Principles based on 7 Primary Words

Boundaries: We mark boundaries to establish where we draw the line. If challenged, this is where we make our stand—to confront and engage. Identity :By the contours of our boundaries, we give definition to who we are. ‘Who am I?’ is a series of creative decisions, rather than simply an uncovering of something hidden.Choice: It is meaning that gives freedom to involvement. Without meaning, what is life? Without freedom, life is slavery. Without involvement, life is wasted.
Truth: We need to be highly attuned to be conscious of the truth, what is actually happening and to know that we are part of the greater whole.

Attention: As the body requires food, so the psyche seeks the nourishment provided by the attention and becoming connected with another. Openness: This suggests a general openness to life, a welcoming of the unknown with lively interest and willingness to make contact and absorb new ideas. Exchange:The answers we seek to major life questions are found only by engaging with others and solutions to all questions are found only when we expand our readiness to embrace a new person or a new idea. Communion: When the Hello archetype is expressed at the most subtle of levels, we are in essence saying Hello to the Universe: communion.

Appreciation: In showing appreciation we demonstrate we do not take anything for granted, that we are aware of what we gain and enjoy from a particular involvement. Valuing: Appreciation is generally acknowledging worth, whereas Valuing implies specific measurement of worth in relation to something else. Giving: Giving is entirely a natural healthy response to receiving—much more an expression of health than holding. Heart Essence: No amount of persuasive rhetoric, materialism or coercion can achieve as much influence as the power of heart. Love is not any the less strong because it is soft, quite the opposite.

Realisation: There is wisdom in knowing how to balance what has been against what can be. Each of the seasons has its own beauty, and each of the chapters of our life has value. Decision: We have to act. Action demands of us a greater degree of involvement than passivity. Completion: The importance of completion is to do with tying up loose ends so that we can journey into the future knowing that there are no issues that will pull us back and diminish our possibilities for success in what is now about to begin. Moving On: Enthusiasm, born of the heart, is the joyous motivating vibrancy that carries us forward.

Vision: A realizable vision is to establish values and act out of principle to realize your own uniqueness of spirit. Intention
​It’s not enough to have a vision; there needs also to be the will to make it happen. We are tested:‘Do we really want this or is it just a wish?’ Cooperation: Nothing can be done alone, we need help. In the case when a number of people are all aligned in single focus upon a common aim, then much is possible. Prayer: Prayer is ‘please with a sacred atmosphere’. Its purpose is to align our single-minded passionate clarity with the will of God. The time and the emotion we give to the object of our desire together create our lives.​

Responsibility: The association between Sorry and guilt is a major concern because it often stimulates a defensive attitude of pride. Remorse: Remorse suggests a feeling of regret that arises on discovering that something we have done, or omitted to do, has resulted in the pain or inconvenience of another. In other words: we accept responsibility. Repair:‘If it’s my fault, then it’s my responsibility to repair the damage’. Only then will both parties be able to release any emotional issues. Release: we can renew our sense of what forgiveness is, and how to practice it more easily by making it a bit more everyday andnot link it to pride, blame and guilt.

Permission: As a birthright, it is rather to be assumed that an individual has a certain authority to forbid. Permission suggests allowing. Acceptance: Acceptance suggests the need to be more open than we were before in order that our awareness of possibilities is expanded. Without such openness we are constrained. Agreement: Agreement is harmonious alignment. I want what you want, we both want the same. An exchange that takes place under these conditions is rather special. Surrender: What is surrendered is the sense of self-importance, in the realization of the Unity that is all-embracing and all-pervading.

Source: https://www.jamesburgess.com/7-words.html

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