A Little About Myself and How Tree Of Hearts Came To Be

My name is Danie, I am an interior designer and engineer by trade and an artist & humanitarian by heart.

Beside all life roles I have assumed throughout my journey, most of all I am a human being with a deep longing to live in a world where love, harmony, peace, and freedom of expression, are the buildings blocks of the life on this planet, we call Home.

I grew up in Bulgaria – a country in South-Eastern Europe and currently reside in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and two cats Fleur and Avalon. Up until now my whole life has been about expressing my soul’s call for creativity and connection through art, music, nature photography, and lately working with crystals. I also love traveling and immersing myself in different cultures; it is a passion that gives me joy and inspires me to be more authentic and evolve.

Perhaps my story is similar to many others… I grew up in a dysfunctional family and despite the love we had for each other, my childhood was full of sorrow. The needed escape and my most beautiful memories were spending time with my grandparents who gave me the gift of unconditional Love I am eternally grateful for!

Tree of Hearts was founded and dedicated to these two wise, beautiful, and loving souls: Grandpa Angel – a real life angel and Grandma Jivka – her name translated from Bulgarian means “alive”, as she is the most vivacious, giving and amazing spirit I know! Without them the creativity, inspiration, and joy of my inner child would be probably long gone! I love them dearly and my heart is full with deep gratitude for who they are; I wish every child was as fortunate as I was, to experience the bliss and the wholeness of such pure Love; love flowing out simply for the joy of GIVING!

Thanks to this precious gift and the array of challenging experiences during my early years, I developed deep interest in psychology of human connections. Since then, I have dedicated my life to learn, explore, heal, and dive deep to deprogram the fear on the way of Love! And now through the Tree of HeARTs platform, I would like to connect with fellow humans, who are ready to do the same: spread Love, embody creativity, and nurture unity and peace to restore the Web of Life on this planet!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is ti give it away”

After countless ups and downs and many years of self-exploration and contemplation of the variables of life , I realized that giving and receiving Love was the true purpose of life and why we came here. Love is the bond, the glue between all there is. Love is the only thing that can free us from our troubles us and bring inner peace and harmony to ourselves and the world. Along with kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude, Love can transcend personal and collective suffering and the root cause of all suffering: division and fear.

Despite all hurt and challenges that arise in our relationships, each of us belongs to a unit, one Family, one Tree of Hearts born out of Love! We are ALL connected through invisible threads and depend on each other in countless ways. Same as our family trees, humanity is also a large family, one giant Tree Of Hearts! And every one of us is an integral part of it.

Tree of Hearts or Tree of Life is a universal archetype that appears in the symbolism and mythology since the beginning of creation and time. It connects all life forms and every aspect of the universe and creation as Love does.

All is Love and Love is All!

Mankind is at a pivotal junction and paradigm shift and Tree of Hearts platform is here to serve as a network for the compassionate, spirited, and like-minded people with zest for life and creativity who are ready to transcend fear and division ! It is time to shine our light, embody compassion and kindness and start living together in peace and harmony! It is time to create an inspired living commUNITY where we stay connected to each other, our divinity, our magnificence, and unshakable faith in the benevolence of the universe and creation. And from that place of inner riches and empowerment, we reach out lovingly and inspire others to do the same!

May we recognize the divine in every sentient being we meet on our journey and be grateful for the gift of Life! May we love fearlessly, invite Peace in our hearts, and remember each of us is a Miracle of Life, an integral part of one amazing YOUniverse and Creation!

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