Spread L❀️VE !


It is easy, enjoyable and incredibly rewarding

156 HEARTS were painted by the students at Maple Creek Middle School and given to seniors at Astoria and Hawthorne Centers, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Let’s get creative together and SHARE a colorful piece of art lovingly with the world!

All you need is to grab a rock, paint a beautiful heart on it and write an inspirational message on the back of the rock. Perhaps you want to dedicate it to a loved one : a child, spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, neighbor or someone who you have never met before and who would greatly benefit from your human kindness : a senior in a care home, a lonely next door someone sick in a hospital, a homeless person you meet on your way to work, or anyone who might need support and little encouragement at this time!

You can also create your own Tree of HeARTs by leaving your colorful creations around your favorite tree!

In a society where separation became a norm, let’s be the game-changers and the ambassadors of the new paradigm where we live together in peace and harmony, love and celebrate life in a way that honors every living being!

We challenge you to paint as many colorful HeARTs as possible and create many Tree of HeARTs : in your front yard, local community park, or anywhere you can think of because the Joy of Living is Giving!

And please sends us your story with a picture of the heart you created and the difference you made!

WE are the change we want to see in this world, we are the Love rEVOLution that calls to re-connect with each other like never before, recognize and honor our common roots; stay open and live with reverence for Life in its countless expressions!

It’s only living from the Heart where we can experience the infinite flow of never-fading joy and beauty and where we become one with the infinite, eternal circle of Life!

πŸ’™ May every beautiful creation, every painted HeART, awaken and nourish one human soul at a time, radiate and multiply the energy of joy, harmony, peace, and freedom!

πŸ’™ May we become bigger than ourselves and make a difference in the lives of others every day by touching one human Heart at a time with loving kindness!

πŸ’™ May we transform this world by helping each other to restore personal power and faith in humanity!

πŸ’™ May we begin the evolution of consciousness and start living through the Heart

πŸ’™ May we dissolve all fear and disconnection, re-member we are one race, cherish each other and know the possibilities of Life are endless!

πŸ’™ May we live in harmony with nature and create a world of love, unity, and wisdom as a reflection of the beauty and grace within!

The Different Stories of a Rock

Some stumble upon it, others build a home with it. Some use it as a tool of creation, others use it as a weapon of destruction. Some build walls to hide from the world , others carve a sculpture out of it to share with the world .

The difference is not in the rock itself, but in the INTENTION of the one who uses it! That is why every being matters because each of us is a creator of this shared reality; as such we have a tremendous power and responsibility of our personal choice to either create or destroy. So the fundamental question is… do you create out of Love (unity) or out of Fear (separation)?

” Each person you meet is a different version of YOU awakening from the illusion of separation.” 

~ Oracle, The Matrix Movie